Crystal DistortionDans la lignée des guérisseurs et rebouteux d’antan utilisant cristaux et minéraux pour soigner corps et esprit, Crystal Distortion est un processus moderne de conversion d’énergie négative en énergie positive via les technologies à base de puces en silicone. La méthode consiste en l’utilisation d’instruments électroniques pour produire un enchaînement de pulsions sonores hypnotiques et des sources de tonalités primitives, le but étant de faire partager un état positif de pensées, de sentiments et de mouvements. Tel un psychanalyste musical, il sculpte des architectures sonores faisant appel aux souvenirs auditifs de l’inconscient collectif. Il aborde la matière minutieusement, superposant couche après couche les parties d’un puzzle mouvant. Artiste prolifique comptant à son actif pas moins de 80 maxis et 4 albums depuis le début des années 90, Crystal Distortion s’est fait plus rare sur disques ces derniers mois, privilégiant l’expérimentation live, apprivoisant les basses et leur insufflant une puissance à la sensualité perverse pour nous entraîner à chaque prestation de l’autre côté de la normalité.
Il revient avec Un Disque Super Records dans le courant 2017. 

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Ableton Instrument Racks


Own a Push controller, but lack the beefy beats and squelching bass to rock a crowd? Then this awesome collection of Ableton insturment racks is for you. Each of the five racks (bass, lead, kick, snare, and hi-hat) comes ready to rock, and there are also 64 sample-based patches, and a tactile macro control interface. The Bass set is a hoot – with the Wooble dial you sweep in a 13 stage low-pass filter with LFO speed changes to your loop, or add a bit of Bend to create fierce new rhythmical patterns. The sound design within each instrument is an instant turn on – classic kits like the Oberheim Matrix 1000, Arp 2600 and Korg MS-20 were mined for their golden sounds – and the ease of use and playability will have you fiddling away for hours. Ableton button pushers and knob twiddlers rejoice – these are the racks you’ve been looking for.


Five Sampler-based electronic Instrument Racks for Ableton Live: Bass, Lead, Kick, Snare and Hat. The eight macros at the front of each one start with the Selector, which scrolls through a bank of 64 samples in the relevant category. The other seven macros control a range of effects setups tailored to each instrument type. This is a neat little dance music toolbox that deserves a place in any Live library at this price.

Crystal DistortionSpark Dubstep

Introducing the latest Anglo-French pioneering collaboration: Arturia Spark Dubstep

Arturia, the French company responsible for some ground-breaking analogue synth emulations (notably the Moog Modular and Prophet V) are following up their ‘Spark’ series with the Arturia Spark Dubstep, a dedicated virtual drum machine, modelled on the software interface of the Spark Vintage Drum Machine. This product is aimed squarely, in Arturia’s own words, at “discerning dubstep producers”. With a name like ‘Spark Dubstep’ who’d have guessed!

At the cutting edge of analogue emulation, the company has teamed up with London-based pro-audio sample creators Sample Magic, to create a product that includes 30 kits, 480 instruments, a 16 channel mixer and 14 effects, for less than 100 Euros.

Used as a stand-alone rhythm creator or as a DAW plug-in (RTAS, AU, VST3) it’s relatively straightforward to start creating loops ‘straight out of the box’ with a set of 960 factory MIDI patterns ready to play. More than being simply a pre-programmed toy with a bunch of sampled loops, this piece of virtual kit enables you to develop your own rhythms and loops intuitively in a fairly short space of time.

The Arturia Spark Dubstep is essentially comprised of three key sections: the central section containing drum pads and sequencer controls, the upper section containing the pattern/song step-sequence elements and the lower section enabling access to the mixer, library and kit/instrument manipulation.

Once you’ve done playing around with software for a while, you’re likely to start wanting to create your own rhythms from scratch. Having said that the factory presets can provide an excellent starting point for some inspired dubstep or EDM beats! The main section is the go-to for creating your own loops and saving them as patterns.

The central section as well as containing the pads and sequencer section, has a nifty set of loop and FX tools, so you play along to an existing beat, set on-the-fly loops, slice and filter your loops real-time. This means that the Arturia Spark Dubstep is well-kitted out for live performances as well as studio work. Using either midi or tap tempo, you can get to work constructing rhythms, then mashing, slicing and mangling them all ‘on the beat’.

What about changing the sounds? Arturia Spark Dubstep feels like a really flexible and intuitive bit of kit that makes changes and tweaks easy. If you like a loop you’ve got going but feel that you need, say, a different snare sound; scrolling down to the instrument/kit lower section lets you access the mute/solo section for each piece of kit as well as change the volume, pan or even load a different piece of kit/instrument.

An easy-to-use, fun and engaging bit of virtual kit has emerged from an Anglo-French collaboration for less than the cost of a Eurostar trip to Paris! Those already familiar with the Spark interface and associated hardware will yearn to have this for their existing Spark Vintage Drum Machine and Arturia are promising just such an expansion pack in the near future.

Review by Andy Smith. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist and producer of electronic and film music, whose work includes beat creation.

Spark Hardtek essentials

Arturia Debuts Hardtek Essentials Expansion Pack For SPARK and SPARKLe
Posted on December 25, 2014 by Elisabeth
Jackette_HardtekArturia has released Hardtek Essentials, the latest Expansion Pack for use with
SPARK Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE controllers, combined with SPARK 2 drum machine software for Mac and PC.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Drawing upon the collective hardtek talents of international creative collective SP23, Crystal Distortion (a.k.a. British electronic music producer Simon Carter), Ixindamix, and other former Spiral Tribe sound system members, Hardtek Essentials encompasses everything from heavy techno to pure sonic mayhem. Moreover, it includes 30 kits (spanning techno, hardtek, drum ’n’ bass, and hardcore techno stylings, plus more besides); 480 new instruments (instrumentally expanding the SPARK 2 sound set); and 960 customisable pre- programmed patterns. Packing dance floor-filling killer basses, leads, one-shots, and effects to boot, Hardtek Essentials is ready to rip apart any sound system!

The AAX-, AU-, and VST2.4-compatible Hardtek Essentials Expansion Pack is available to purchase as a boxed version for €29.00 EUR/$29.00 USD from any authorized Arturia dealer or online as a boxed version or download directly from Arturia.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware company Arturia is proud to announce the availability of Hardtek Essentials, the latest expansion pack for use with its spark inspiration Creative Drum Machine and controllers combined with SPARKLE SPARK 2 and sound sculpture performance software drum machine for Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher) and PC (Windows 7 or later), as of December 23 …

Hardtek Essentials is an incredibly powerful addition to SPARK 2 which is completely adapted to high-energy productions and live performances. As an effective type EDM (Electronic Dance Music), hardtek also known as tekno has evolved in tandem with the Teknival movement of the early nineties, named to reflect the fact that both the organizers and Teknival DJs were actively to make the music. Initially influenced by hardcore, rave, jungle, techno and gabber, with producers taking sound, a darker more organic management, the focus was on early samples strategically positioned from TV shows, movies and culture People across. Todays hardtek-style music is turbo-
fast usually between 170-200 bpm and characterized by beating the big boxes repetitive dance or die for. Fortunately for those looking for these sounds, Hardtek Essentials offers authentically mass.

Crystal DistortionArturia Spark.

Drawing on the collective talents of hardtek international creative collective SP23, Crystal Distortion (aka British producer Simon Carter electronic music), Ixindamix, and other former members of Spiral Tribe sound system, Hardtek Essentials includes everything from heavy techno sound chaos pure. In addition, it includes 30 kits (covering techno, hardtek, drum n bass, techno and hardcore stylings and more besides); 480 new instruments (expansion instrumentally the whole SPARK 2); and 960 pre-programmed customizable patterns. Packaging killer bass dance floor-filling, leads, one-shots, and the effects of start, Hardtek Essentials is ready to rip any sound system!

Arturia Hardtek Essentials Expansion Pack.

Samplemagic Dubstep


« Of course it wouldn’t be Dubstep without a massive slab of violently wobbly synth. And this pack has got them in spades. And not only does it deliver your wobbles but there’s some of the harshest, most shredded synth leads we’ve heard, all arranged as separate notes and instruments for crafting into your own tune or – what the hell – sling the melodic loops together and get your slo-mo Dub on in a matter of seconds.

Once again Sample Magic have nailed a genre with frightening laser accuracy to deliver a killer pack. There’s little filler (not too sure about those field recorded ambient SFX) but doubts are instantly removed when you get into the massive drum hits and loops library teaming classic treated 909s with bizarre and totally unique metallic thwacks and ‘splangs’. State of the art.”

Samplemagic Dubstep and Grime

Here are a fair few dubstep packs about at the moment, but this one stands out from the crowd. It’s not just the creative naming (we particularly enjoyed one bass loop entitled ‘Bag of Gits’) but also the toughness of the sound design. Some attempts at this genre can sound weedy and thin, but there are some searing basses and punchy drums here.

The pack is a 1.8GB download (the WAV section adds up to 741MB, with other formats duplicating this content). You get drum, ‘top’ (ie, high-end percussion), vox, bass and synth loops, as well as full mixed “combi loops”, which we’re not so keen on.

The 291 drum and 50 single-shot bass noises hits display plenty of heft, clout and dirt, as do the 50 single-shot bass noises. Filthy FX are also on hand. There are some inconsistencies – not every sound is a winner – and we’d have liked dry versions of some of the delayed/reverbed sounds.

Overall, there’s a slightly flat, dry quality to this pack that it can’t quite shake, but perhaps that’s just what you need to convey the sound of urban decay. In any case, it’s a solid library.


The ever-prolific Sample Magic team are mainly known for their extensive and high-quality library of house, techno and electro samples packs. Their latest release, however, looks at the seemingly unstoppable dubstep scene, with a little extra grime thrown in for good measure. Dubstep & Grime is available as a complete download or in individual formats and includes 24-bit Wavs (741MB, 757 files), Stylus RMX-compatible REX2 files (579 files), Apple Loops (581 files) plus EXS24, Reason NXT, Kontakt and Halion patches.A huge kit list of hardware and software was used to create the meaty sounds, with each hit and loop custom-edited and fed through an all-analogue signal path. Nearly all of the loops are at the standard dubstep speed of 140BPM, which makes chopping and changing elements and building up layers a breeze.The pack is divided into loops, folders of bass, drums, combis, synth & music, tops and vox, plus drum, FX and bass hits with accompanying sampler patches. In order to increase the flexibility of the sounds, the drum loops are presented with a range of variants including shuffling glitch hats and tech percussion mixed with both live and electronic-sounding kick/snare grooves. The drum hits are heavily processed and solid but with plenty of extra glitch sounds to add variety, while the FX section adds ambient background sounds, screeching synth sirens and massive reverbed hits to the palette. There is also a folder of dark and raspy synth and music loops which, while lacking in hooks, could certainly add a little more high- end interest to your tracks.However, the most important part of a pack like this is, of course, the bass! Sample Magic’s programmers have excelled themselves here, with an exceptional collection of 101 ripping loops that actually manage to break out from the typical wobble bass conventions and offer some highly original sounds.Although there are nods towards grime and more traditional dub, the main focus here is squarely on dark, heavy tech sounds. The inspiring first-class production makes this one of the best dubstep samples packs we’ve heard so far.Verdict Bursting with heavy beats and filthy synth bass loops, this is a must-check for aspiring dubsteppers. Rating: 9/10

DJ MAG review

Dubstep is at tipping point right now. With its influence seeping into and cross-pollinating so many genres there couldn’t be a better time for Sample Magic to unveil Dubstep and Grime. Here is a sample pack with a distinctly urban flavour. The loops are great for dubstep and grime – but can be used in any genre if you’re feeling adventurous.The sounds are fat and typical of what you would expect from the genre. There’s a hefty selection of dirty pulsating basslines that can instantly be transformed into speaker-ripping tracks – a good sign from any sample pack. And the drums and beats on offer definitely lend themselves to the harder edge of the genre. Within such a niche genre, you might expect the sounds to be similar, but instead the pack is full of variety and usable sounds with a good spread of strong synth stabs and even affected vocal hits.The samples are available in all the usual formats covering every studio need. This is a download-only product but is a good investment for both dubstep / grime producers and producers after something a bit different.

Samplemagic tech funk breaks


« Admittedly, I sometimes become disillusioned with sample collections. These days every sample-
based software instrument out there is packed with 5 to 40 GB of usually very high-quality and diverse sounds, and between the editing capabilities of modern DAWs and the high-level sound of modern digital instruments, a lot of sample collections we see at Remix just seem redundant. Of course, some of that feeling stems from listening to a lot of multi-gigabyte collections of drivel. Increased competition in the soundware market has made it harder to get away with putting out crap, but even still, we’ll listen to some generic-sounding, hyperbolic title such as Ultimate Big Room House Anthems or Ultra Essential Trance Beats and then wonder if the producers are even paying attention to modern music. Fortunately, that’s never been a concern for Sample Magic, the young British soundware company that has consistently delivered spot-on collections of eminently usable material such as Electro-House and Minimal & Tech House. After only a few seconds of listening to the audio demo for Tech-Funk Breaks, it’s clear that as with all the Sample Magic collections, the producers are inspired by what’s currently moving asses in clubs and downloads on the music sites.While the name Tech-Funk Breaks may spark up some nostalgia for glory days of the ’90s raver elite such as The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Hybird, Uberzone and others, this kind of music doesn’t die, it transmogrifies. Seemingly, there will always be a need for the kind of gut-wrenching analog basslines, distorted synth and organ lines, chunky/funky drums and tweaked out sound effects — especially when they’re done this well — whether it’s for throwback big beat and acid house or for some of the ever-splintering sub-genres of todays dubstep, breakbeat and electro tracks. Tech-Funk Breaks includes an hour-long audio CD for you to audition all the bass, synth, drum, percussion and multitrack loops; hyper-edited vox mash-ups; single drum hits and one-off scratches and effects. The 2.3 GB of stuff on the DVD includes more than 2,400 files, including 845 24-bit WAVs; Apple Loops, REX2 loops and Stylus RMX loops (698 each); and patches for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NN-XT samplers. Sample Magic never follows the construction kit protocol of sample collections, which I think is beneficial. It encourages heightened creativity on the part of the user, and I imagine it also helps the producers stay inspired and on their toes while cranking out the material to not have to squeeze off countless formulaic mini-tracks that the user will piece back together. However, the loops are organized by tempo (125, 127, 130, 135 and 140 bpm) and when applicable are key-labled, so some of the samples intentionally and/or naturally go together. In stark contrast to the majority of collections out there, most of the samples in Tech-Funk Breaks stand a realistic chance anchoring, distinguishing or supporting one of your tracks, rather than being ignored or deleted from your hard drive. The 133 bass loops drip with real analog nuances and sound almost alive exploding out of a good set of monitors. A folder holds 119 synth loops that range from digital 8-bit, low-budget circuit-bent meanderings and bouncy, highly resonant liquid-sounding tones to stinging buzzsaw analog arpeggios, staccato chordal stabs and much more. Beat freaks are well covered with 129 single drum hits and 151 drum loops that swing like the gates of electro heaven. The producers display a knack for thick slabs of meaty snares, thudding kicks and aurally inventive “topsâ€Â and ear candy that create additional movement through tasteful effects modulation. To complement the drum loops, you get a selection of 149 Tops and Perc mostly bass-free rhythm loops. Many of the 95 multitracked Comb loops are almost like fully-produced mini-tracks, some of which sound like they contain samples from commercially released music. While good for gathering inspiration or pulling as-is for some minor usage, these loops are the least likely of the bunch to land inside an original production. Tech-Funk Breaks doesn’t mislead you with it’s title. While it’s produced with a clear technical mastery on a choice selection of gear, the loops stank of a funky dancefloor sensibility that can only come from the soul of its human creators. With its genre-based sample collections, Sample Magic not only wants to represent the fresh sound of today, but also to give you something to chew on when exploring the new sound of tomorrow. »


« Just like Minimal Techno, this features both a CD and DVD with a sound library of almost 3GB of audio toys and freaky noises for breaks, electro and dubstep lovers. With heaps of material that any bassline or garage producer can rinse out, there’s no end of inspiration here. The DVD is recorded in 24-bit 44.1kHz WAV, so reproduction quality will be good and there should not be any compatibility issues. The 2,500 royalty-free samples come in separate folders for all the instruments and are then broken down further into BPMs. The selection of sounds is wide and varied, from acid-based synths, sliced up vocal mashups to ball-busting drum breaks. Check out the combi loops to get the ball rolling for your composition if you’re not sure where to start. There genuinely is something for everyone on this sample set, and I particularly like the producer tips in the printed manual, as they provide both newbie and pro with ideas for innovating their mix. With almost 3GB of crazy basslines, razor sharp scratches and awesome vocal mash-ups, this is one undeniably hot sample set. And even if it’s not for you, check out the samples on this cross-genre package.”

Samplemagic Breakbusters


« Sample Magic’s Breakbusters is an intense collection of breakbeat samples. Filthy, funky, grimy and chunky, it’s certainly not for those who want to produce granny-friendly chart fodder. The beats dominate (over 150 well-produced loops are included) but basses, synths, mashed vocals, scratches and FX are covered too. Compiled with care, this is a thoroughly contemporary collection that also gives nods to the past.”


« Following the commercial dance appeal of Funky House Grooves, relative newcomer Sample Magic focuses its attention on all things clunkier and funkier in this outstanding new three-CD hardcore breaks library. Rather than building around thematically limiting construction kits, the 1000-plus loops, licks and one-shots are arranged as 31 tracks on audio CD1 for auditioning and hardware sampling, 24-bit Wav files on CD2 and 16-bit REX files on CD3. Special format files also contain HALion, EXS24 and Reason patches. Loops are 125, 130, 135, or 140 bpm, and keygrouping of melodic material is thankfully kept to a minimum. The 168 ball-crushing breaks span decades of influences, from grit-infused acoustic funk with 808 boom augmentation to heavily distorted and effected industrial and post-modern filth. Devastating kicks and gut-punching sub-basses tie the knot with all sorts of quirky, squeaky vintage electro-percussion trickery for highly inspiring, era-transcending beats.

The same goes for the top-end percussion-loops folder. This outrageous fun includes rapid-fore percussion warfare, tightly looped vocoded drum phrases, factory inspired electro-mechanical beatbox escapades and more. Together with the 95 bass and 124 synth loops, you’ll really start pushing your speaker cones. From panoramic, pitch-warped resonant saw lines to nail-biting ’80s FM and brainfreezing swelched arpeggios, fat sound is delivered by the tubful.

Crystal Distortion

Simon Carter

Sound designer for game, video, audio software, and music producer libraries.


Virtual instrument design, Ableton, Berlin D, — 2015—Present
Innovator of new, high performance instrument modules for Ableton Live DAW
software covering a wide range of genres, and offering instant hands on playability.

Virtual instrument design,Samplemagic,London UK — 2014—2015
Chief designer of new high performance instrument modules for Ableton Live DAW.

Freelance sound designer, Arturia,Los Angeles USA — 2012—2013
Content creator and product advisor for Spark virtual drum machine.

Freelance sound designer, Apple, Cupertino USA — 2013—2013
Content creator of Apple Loops for Logic Pro X.

Freelance sound designer, Samplemagic,London UK — 2006—Present
Content creator and project manager for music production sample libraries.


Alchemea College,London UK — M.A Recording Arts, 2005


Problem solving. Project team management. Field recording. DAW Control surface integration and programming. Apple, Ableton and Avid certified. Studio and stage recording, engineering and mixing.
Fluent in Max4Live and Reaktor platforms.
Rudimentary coding knowledge.Basic reparation of electronics.Valid driving licence.
Mastery of several music software/hardware.
Recording artist with 25 years experience in the music industry. Expert tea maker.

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